Cicely Everson, CFMP

Other Healthcare Professional

Are you Cicely Everson, CFMP?


  • We work virtually with most clients.
    Delaware, 19720
    Phone: 302-307-2701

Insurance Accepted

  • No. We accept cash, credit and have in-house interest-free payment plans available.

About This Practice

Tao Holistics - is a holistic functional medicine practice that uses a variety of natural modalities to identify the underlying causes of illness. With professional experience in many holistic/functional medicine approaches (nutritional therapies, herbal medicine, bioidentical hormones, lab interpretation, etc.), we are equipped to help you improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as the body and nature intended. Our goal is to help you reverse dis-ease, restore your health and redefine your wellness! Cicely Everson is the founder of and practitioner at Tao Holistics. She is certified in Functional Medicine, Herbalism, Natural Product Formulation and more.

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