Comparing Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Options in Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman having her blood sugar testedAre the long-acting insulin analogs, detemir and glargine, safe and effective in the treatment of pregnant women with type 1 diabetes? A study by researchers in Copenhagen, Denmark, explored this question.

The study, “Treatment with the long-acting insulin analogues detemir or glargine during pregnancy in women with type 1 diabetes: Comparison of glycaemic control and pregnancy,” was published online ahead of print in December 2012. It appears in the Journal of Maternal- Fetal and Neonatal Medicine.

The study authors were interested in comparing women’s glycemic control and the outcomes of their pregnancies following treatment with detemir or glargine for type 1 diabetes. The researchers relied on data from 113 women with type 1 diabetes who were pregnant between 2007 and 2011. Of the women included in the sample, 67 were using insulin detemir, while 46 were using insulin glargine at conception. Women’s baseline characteristics were similar in both groups.

The researchers compared the women’s health outcomes and the health of their offspring, based on the type of treatment they used. The results of the study showed that women’s hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels were similar at both 8-week and 33-week follow-ups in the group of women taking detemir and those taking glargine. Additionally, the prevalence of severe hypoglycemia in the study participants was also comparable in both groups.

There were no perinatal deaths in either of the groups, and in both groups, one baby was born with a major birth abnormality.

The researchers conclude that their study results demonstrate that glycemic control and pregnancy outcomes were comparable in the women who used insulin determir and those who used insulin glargine to treat their type 1 diabetes. The exception to this finding was a lower incidence of infants who were large for gestational age in the group of women taking glargine.

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