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Iodine (I2) molecule
If a woman is iodine deficient during pregnancy, it may have an adverse effect on her baby.
variety of makeup jars with makeup brush
Swedish Study Looks at Question in the Elderly Population
A Swedish study looked at if phthalates—used in plastics and make-up—increase the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the elderly population.
Thyroid Cancer word cloud with associated words
Serum Thyroglobulin Level Can Be Predictive of Follicular Thyroid Cancer
In an effort to reduce the number of thyroidectomies done to diagnose malignancy of a follicular neoplasm of the thyroid gland, researchers looked at independent predictive factors.
Anatomy of the adrenal gland
French researchers looked at MEN1-associated adrenal lesions; their objective was to provide a rationale for adrenal-involvement management in MEN1.
Mother measuring glucose level blood chemistry test from diabetes baby usi
Study Looks at Patients Diagnosed Pre-Puberty and at Puberty
Researchers looked at infant and toddler type 1 diabetes. They compared the impact that pre-pubertal duration of type 1 diabetes has on the occurrence of diabetic retinopathy and other complications in 2 groups of patients.
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease typed across a computer screen
3-year Follow-up Study Looks at Progression of Osteoporosis in COPD Patients
Researchers looked at the progression of osteoporosis in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Healthy liver compared with fatty liver disease
Researchers looked at the connection between the broad spectrum of hypothyroidism and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
The word hyperthyroidism on a tablet with a stethoscope
Researchers assessed the prevalence of patients with type 2 diabetes who were recently diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism.
Doctor With Patient Having A Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) Scan
Researchers looked into the role of various tests to see if they can help diagnose PA at a lower cost.
the word fibromyalgia across a computer monitor
Researchers Look at Vitamin D Levels and Bone Mineral Density in Women with Fibromyalgia
Researchers evaluated and compared vitamin D levels and bone mineral density in women with fibromyalgia to healthy women. Did they find that fibromyalgia is a risk factor for osteoporosis?
Cognitive impairment illustrated by broken mind vector
Researchers investigated the link between subclinical hypothyroidism and cognitive impairment in the elderly. Discover what they found in this thyroid-focused study.
Bariatric surgery, vertical sleeve gastrectomy
Researchers looked at doctors’ attitudes about referring their patients who have type 2 diabetes for bariatric surgery. Is it common for doctors to recommend bariatric surgery for their patients with type 2 diabetes?
CT Scan imagery on computerized equipment
Researchers examined whether targeted assessment for incidental vertebral fractures on computed tomography (CT) examinations of the chest or abdomen in older adults would help indentify previously undetected vertebral fractures.
The words celiac disease
Researchers Look at Whether Celiac Disease Affects Absorption of Levothyroxine
It’s well known that celiac disease is common in patients who have hypothyroidism. Researchers investigated whether the presence and treatment of celiac disease impact levothyroxine dosing.
Young man looking into a refrigerator at various food options
New Study Looks at Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
Canadian researchers compared the impact of various food strategies on blood glucose (BG) levels both during and after 60 minutes of moderately intense exercise.
Growth Hormone Word Cloud
A French Study on the Effects of Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment
A study that looks specifically at children who had treatment with recombinant growth hormone in France, and it evaluates the long-term mortality of those children.
Elderly couple looking at a laptop computer
New Study Looks at Antiresorptive Agents in Patients with Increased Fracture Risk
Researchers investigated the effectiveness of potent antiresorptive medications that are currently available to prevent fractures. Discover what they learned in this osteoporosis study.
gowth hormone written on a notebook with a test tube nearby
How Does GHD Effect Body Composition and Cardiovascular Risk Biomarkers?
Body composition and biomarkers of cardiovascular risk are affected by both growth hormone excess and growth hormone deficiency (GHD). While that is a known fact, it’s unknown how developing growth hormone deficiency after being treated for acromegaly affects body composition and cardiovascular risks. A study published in 2012 examined this.
hyperthyroidism word on a tablet with medication and a stethoscope
Senior author Ralf Paschke, MD, PhD, told EndocrineWeb that clinicians treating patients with hyperthyroidism should “be aware of the outlined malignancy risk” in this paper.
Researchers examined the association between thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism. Find out what researchers learned about this relationship in this thyroid-focused study.
Man at work holding his forehead with papers in front of him
In a study, researchers looked at whether work-related psychosocial stress is linked to the risk of type 2 diabetes.