Endocrine Research Updates

For Medical Professionals

Harvard researchers present evidence that low TSH adversely affects fertility.
Slightly low thyroid stimulating hormone levels may offer a reason why some women struggle to get pregnant suggest Harvard researchers.
PCOS puts women at twice the risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
PCOS puts women at increased risk for steatosis and fibrosis with insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism as key factors in liver damage of these patients.
Giving breastfed babie good gut bacteria may improve their longterm health.
Boosting gut microflora may yield improvements linked to reduced dysbiosis, and potential for long-term benefit against chronic diseases.
A case for using postprandial insulin over glucose level to predict diabetes.
While promising, there is no way to know whether introducing lifestyle changes to patients who are diagnosed earlier will positively effect their outcomes.
Variability in pediatric thyroid reference ranges lessens an accurate diagnosis.
Recent research uncovers a wide variation in reference ranges for pediatric thyroid function and points to possible factors affecting thyroid hormone levels in children.
Symptoms of type 2 diabetes may prediction disease progression
Researchers followed patients who were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for 18 months to classify their disease progression based on 20 baseline symptoms.
Direct intervention with an assigned appointment specialist dramatically improved retention rates and better disease outcomes among pediatric patients with type 1 Diabetes as they were transitioned to adult care.
New criteria downgrade staging for many patients with papillary thyroid cancer.
Changes to the eighth edition of the American Joint Commission on Cancer/Union for International Cancer Control 's criteria for tumor staging offer better prognosis for many patients diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.
Bioidentical hormones are preceived as natural but pose greater harm than HRT.
Two internationally recognized women's health experts raise concerns from use of hormone therapy from a compounding pharmacy to manage menopausal symptoms.
Senator Shaheen co-sponsors legislation to enhance diabetes research across all
Bipartisan legislation formalizing the integration of programs and activities focused on diabetes across federal agencies heads to the President for his signature.
Ultra-rapid injectable mealtime insulin receives FDA approval
A new ultra-rapid injectable synthetic insulin has been added to Novo Nordisk's antidiabetes product line-up.
Possible pathway to unrepress beta cells may lead to cure for diabetes.
Analyses of insulinomas provide pathway to pharmacologically target genes and gene families that may restore function of beta cells in individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
The lower the LDL the better with a combination of a statin and PSK9-inhibitor.
A secondary analysis of the Fourier study findings indicates that patients with the lowest LDL had best cardiovascular outcomes.
Delivering the right health messages will prompt best medical outcomes.
Giving patients the right number of health messages may matter, but best outcomes will depend on the content, timing, and receptiveness of the patient.
Asymptomatic thyroid disease may arise following cancer treatment with ICI.
There is a growing need for endocrinologists to be better prepared regarding management of thyroid diseases that may develop in oncology patients as a result of treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Responses to food differ significantly in individuals sensitive to insulin vs. t
Findings suggest that central insulin plays a direct role in individuals who are insulin sensitive vs insulin resistant, offering promise of improved understanding of food intake regulation in people with prediabetes or who are obese but not yet diabetic.
The American Diabetes Association updated the 2003 guidelines to incorporate advances in research to on how best to treat high blood pressure in patients with diabetes.
Diabetes makes blood clotting a bigger problem.
Researchers advanced the understanding of how glucose metabolism in platelets that could help explain the increased risk of clotting in people with diabetes.
Thrombosis is a greater concern for people with diabetes from a variety of factors, including inflammatory changes, platelets events, and dyslipidemia.
Online game proves effective in improving care in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes self-management education delivered via an online game reduced hemoglobin A1c levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Exploring the best treatment for Grave's disease.
A research team attempted to make a case for antithyroid medications as the most efficacy and desirable therapy for Grave's disease, but at least 1 US expert refuted the data.