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Sex hormones and COVID-19
Why male patients are at greater risk of severe complications from the Coronavirus
Male patients are at greater risk of severe complications from the Coronavirus
Endoscopic surgery
A new study shows that only a quarter of eligible patients are referred for testing for PHPT
Surgery for hyperparathyroidism used to be more invasive. Now it is an endoscopic procedure with minimal risk.
Diabetes educator
New guidelines provide physicians with information to help steer patients toward educators
New guidelines help physicians steer patients toward diabetes education
Avocado sandwich
Study participants on the high-fat, low-carb diet showed A1C improvement at every medical appointment
Emerging research continues to support a high fat, low carb diet for diabetics.
An adolescent girl
A new review suggests that benefits continue to outweigh risks when it comes to preventing teen pregnancies
The benefits of oral contraception still outweigh the risks for teenage girls.
Not all fructose is the same
A new review examines the weight-loss benefits of whole fruit, yogurt, and even juice in limited amounts
Evidence suggests that our bodies process artificially sweetened and naturally sweet food and drink differently.
High Orosensory Exposure Associated with Early Insulin Response
High orosensory exposure associated with early insulin response
A stronger feeling of satiety and an actual reduction in food intake was associated with a higher orosensory exposure and a slower eating rate.
Resveratrol Could Help Prevent Osteoporosis
A new report takes a long-term look at the effects of the phytoestrogen found in red fruit
A phytoestrogen common in the skin of red grapes, red wine, and berries may help to prevent fractures.
The relationship between radioactive iodine and cancer
Re-examining the relationship between dose and response in radioactive iodine treatment
A new study re-examines the cancer risk associated with radioactive iodine treatment.
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
Study finds new options for young patients with primary ovarian insufficiency
Experts discuss the legacy effect, or lack of it, found in studies of diabetes p
Experts discuss the legacy effect, or lack of it, found in studies of diabetes prevention and control
The more a patient has, the more likely a cardio event
Overcoming barriers to sleep and assisting families with sleep hygiene aids in glucose management
Healthcare providers' implicit bias regarding race directly corresponds with worse medical outcomes
Bioprinting the pancreas and bioengineering cell therapies show promise
Technology accessibility in Type 1 diabetes differs by race and needs to be addressed to decrease health disparities
New studies from Japan and Italy showed surprising findings
Thyroid cancer trial halted for lack of efficacy while best benign nodule treatment clarified
Four takeaways from the clinical pipeline for osteomalacia and osteoporosis
Minor changes may spur overtreatment due to a new definition of clinical levels
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