Primary Care Updates in Endocrinology

Diabetes, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis: as a primary care doctor, you see them all in your practice. Primary care physicians are uniquely positioned to partner with their patients, endocrinologists, diabetes educators, surgeons, bariatric endocrinologists, and other healthcare professionals to provide a higher level of care. The EndocrineWeb Primary Care Updates center is a reliable resource to help you stay current on matters related to the clinical practice of endocrine disorders.

EndoScan Literature Review

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Issue 2, Volume 7: April, 2016
With commentary by Tamara L Wexler MD, PhD
Issue 1, Volume 7: January, 2016
With commentary by Azeez Farooki MD
Issue 3, Volume 6: July, 2015
With commentary by Priyathama Vellanki MD