American Association of Clinical Endocrinoligist's (AACE) 23rd Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress:

Transgendocrinology: Physician Education Key to Help Remove Treatment Barriers

Joshua D. Safer, MD, FACP presented Transgendocrinology: What Every Physician Should Know at the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists' (AACE) 23rd Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress in May 2014.

Dr. Safer is Associate Professor of Medicine and Molecular Medicine at the Boston University’s School of Medicine and Director of Endocrinology Fellowship Training and Endocrinology Education.

Joshua D. Safer, MD, FACP stated, “The number one barrier to care for transgender individuals—per patient reporting—is a lack of knowledgeable or willing providers.” Furthermore, he stated, “In my experience, many physicians believe that it is a reversible psychological condition that is best managed with psychiatric intervention when, in fact, available data suggest otherwise. People do not recognize that gender identity is a biologic phenomenon.”

Clinical Scenario
Dr. Safer summarized a typical clinical scenario. “A college student presents to your clinic for hormones. The student appears to be a normal looking woman but states in a matter of fact tone that she is a man. What would you do?” The truth is, “The number of endocrinologists who treat transgender patients is shockingly small, although they use the same hormones [as those used to treat other endocrine disorders], they just don’t know how,” stated Dr. Safer. The situation is the same among primary care physicians.

Mission to Educate
He has developed a transgender curriculum, which is taught at Boston University. Dr. Safer is working to advance the curriculum into other medical schools to enlighten physicians about the facts of transgendocrinology and patient care.

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