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Drug Demonstrates Sustained Efficacy for Weight Loss in Obese Patients

Controlled-release phentermine/topiramate (PHEN/TPM CR) (Qnexa) demonstrated sustained efficacy in obesity treatment, and offers potential for amelioration of cardiometabolic comorbidities, according to Nancy Bohannon, MD, FACP, et al, from Monteagle Medical Center in San Francisco, California. Dr. Bohannon and colleagues conducted an extension study (SEQUEL) to the CONQUER study, which initially demonstrated over 56 weeks that PHEN/TPM CR has been shown to provide significant weight loss when compared to placebo in 2,487 overweight/obese adults with ≥ 2 weight-related comorbidities.1

In the SEQUEL study, enrolled patients continued with the original CONQUER regimen for an additional 52 weeks, 108 weeks total. Dosing was as followed: placebo (n = 227), PHEN/TPM CR 7.5mg/46mg (n = 153), or PHEN/TPM CR 15mg/92mg (n = 295). At the end of 108 weeks, significantly more patients treated with PHEN/TPM CR achieved ≥ 5% weight loss versus placebo (p < 0.0001 for all comparisons).

Dr. Bohannon stressed the importance of using smaller doses to achieve weight loss. “If you use a little bit of each of the drugs instead of higher doses of the drugs, you have more effective weight loss,” said Dr. Bohannon. “PHEN/TPM CR produced significant weight loss and offers sustained efficacy in the treatment of obesity.”

The study also revealed improvements in chronic comorbidities associated with obesity, such as glycated hemoglobin A1c, fasting insulin, and homeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance. Significant improvements were seen with PHEN/TPM CR in high-density lipoprotein levels (15mg/92mg vs placebo; p < 0.0001), as well as substantial reductions in triglycerides (for both doses vs placebo; p ≤ 0.0005). PHEN/TPM CR was generally well tolerated, and common adverse events included constipation, dry mouth, and parasthesia.

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