Treating Obesity as a Disease
A review and assessment of recent literature for the clinical applications of new research in treating obesity as a disease. Plus: Extra commentary with our new podcast, After Hours.
March 2021
Volume 10, Issue 1

After Hours Podcast Episode 1: Elena Christofides MD, FACE

N Engl J Med. 2021;384:384:989-1002


“Patients are given poor advice about how to address this issue. It’s not about the calories, you can't just diet harder and run harder and faster and longer to fix these problems. That's not a rational strategy.” –Dr. Elena Christofides

In episode one of After Hours, host Katy Henriksen talks to Dr. Elena Christofides, Chief Executive Officer of Endocrinology Associates Incorporated, as well as Endocrinology Research Associates in Columbus, Ohio, about using medication to treat obesity as a chronic condition.


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Chapter 2: Long-Term Hormonal and Metabolic Adaptations to Weight Loss
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