Type 2 Diabetes in Adults: Video Roundtable for Primary Care Doctors

Current Type 2 Diabetes Medications, When to Prescribe Insulin, and Management Tips

In these 3 videos on type 2 diabetes in adults, a panel of experts discusses current issues in diabetes management—a critical and growing problem as more people develop type 2 diabetes.

Made for the primary care physician (and featuring a PCP on the panel), this video roundtable series is full of tips you can implement in your practice today.

Click though the videos below to learn about:

  • How you can reinforce diabetes management during routine office visits:  What questions should you be asking?  How can you check in on their diabetes goals, including meal planning and exercise?
  • Current type 2 diabetes medications:  Get a quick update on the ADA and AACE guidelines for type 2 diabetes medications.
  • When to put a patient on insulin:  When do you stop oral diabetes medications?

In this video series:

Type 2 Diabetes in Adults: How Can the PCP Reinforce Diabetes Management?

During a regular office visit with a patient with type 2 diabetes, what should you be addressing? An expert panel offers tips on when to check in on a patient's diabetes goals and how to motivate them to exercise and eat well.

Type 2 Diabetes in Adults: Current Medication Options

Succinct summary of current medications for type 2 diabetes. Addresses ADA and AACE guidelines, and reviews the use of metformin, incretins, and sulfonylureas (all with the goal of preserving beta cell function).

Type 2 Diabetes in Adults: When to Prescribe Insulin

When should an adult type 2 diabetes patient be switched from oral medications to insulin? Should they go immediately on bolus and basal insulin? How do you help patients who are scared of needles/injections? An expert panel discusses.

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