Type 2 Diabetes in Children: Risk Factors and Screening

As a pediatrician, what are the risk factors you should be aware of when monitoring your patients for type 2 diabetes?  More and more children are developing the condition, so catching the early warning signs is crucial.

In this video roundtable, a panel of experts discusses screening for type 2 diabetes in children.  They review current American Diabetes Association recommendations, as well as when to order lab work to help make the diagnosis.

This panel is moderated by Steven M. Armbrust, MD, a family practice physician, and he is joined by:

  • Amy Hess-Fischl, MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE:  Certified Diabetes Educator at the University of Chicago Medical Center
  • Thomas DeStefani, MD: Pediatrician
  • W. Patrick Zeller, MD:  Pediatric Endocrinologist

To make sure you're screening the appropriate patients for type 2 diabetes in your pediatric practice, watch this video.  It provides useful tips and a handy overview of how to best approach these patients.

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Type 2 Diabetes in Children: Preventing the Pre-diabetic Child from Developing Type 2 Diabetes
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