Type 1 Diabetes in Children: Video Roundtable for Primary Care Doctors

Diagnosis and Reinforcing Diabetes Management at Every Visit

Treating type 1 diabetes in children is a team effort:  the healthcare team, the family, and the child.  The child's pediatrician and the pediatric endocrinologist can work closely in order to better manage the patients diabetes:  that's the crux of this video roundtable on type 1 diabetes in children.

The 3 videos in this Endocrinology Highlights series cover:

  • Signs and symptoms to watch for in children that could point to type 1 diabetes
  • Other autoimmune conditions the healthcare team can check for in the patient
  • How the pediatrician can reinforce diabetes management at routine visits

The panel has diabetes experts (including a pediatric endocrinologist and a Certified Diabetes Educator), a pediatrician, and a primary care physician. 

In this video series:

Type 1 Diabetes in Children: Making the Diagnosis

Hear a panel of experts discuss type 1 diabetes diagnosis in children: get a quick refresher in common signs and symptoms to look for, as well as which labs to order.

Type 1 Diabetes in Children: Other Autoimmune Conditions to Watch For

Learn the other autoimmune conditions that can develop in children with type 1 diabetes, who are more susceptible to autoimmune conditions. What should the PCP be monitoring?

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