Osteoporosis: Screening and Assessment

Primary care physicians understand the importance of osteoporosis screening for post-menopausal patients after age 65, and men after age 70. Furthermore, PCPs are aware osteoporosis may develop at an earlier age, such as in a case of oophorectomy or steroid use.

During this video, the panel's discussion includes:

  • When to screen younger women
  • Diffuse osteopenia
  • Establishing a baseline
  • T-scores
  • DEXA versus FRAX®
  • Hypothetical cases
  • Risk progression

FRAX® is a risk assessment tool developed by the World Health Organization. It is a valuable clinical tool that can identify the risk for osteoporotic fracture earlier than DEXA. The FRAX questionnaire measures risk factors, including age, sex, weight, height, history of previous fracture, tobacco use (eg, smoking), steroid use, confirmed diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, secondary osteoporosis (eg, malabsorption), and alcohol consumption.

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Osteoporosis: Treatment Controversies
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