Demographics may determine quality of type 2 diabetes care

Patient demographics such as ethnicity and age may play a large role in determining whether or not they receive appropriate type 2 diabetes care, according to a new study from Canadian researchers.

The St. Michael's Hospital researchers said in their report, which was published in the journal Diabetes Care, that they wanted to find out why so many people fail to receive adequate treatment for their condition. Some suggested that the type of insurance coverage individuals have may be the largest deciding factor. However, their study found that this may not be the case.

After reviewing the medical records of 5,280 Canadians who were being treated for type 2 diabetes, they found that older patients who were black or Asian were more likely to receive care that improve their A1C levels. Furthermore, those who had diabetes for longer, lower baseline A1C levels, healthier body mass index, lower cholesterol and blood pressure tended to have the best blood sugar control.

The type of prescription drug insurance coverage that a patient had played no part in whether or not they had healthy blood sugar levels. The researchers concluded that demographic factors make the biggest difference when predicting the quality of care an individual receives.

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