Psoriasis may increase the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes

Individuals with psoriasis are much more like to have metabolic syndrome, which is a constellation of symptoms, including type 2 diabetes, that significantly increases a person's risk of heart disease. The researchers said that their findings could help doctors make an earlier diagnosis of metabolic issues.

Previous studies had noted an association between individual components of metabolic syndrome - which include high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, obesity and diabetes - and psoriasis. However, investigators have uncovered little evidence to suggest an association between psoriasis and the condition as a whole.

Researchers from Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland examined 6,549 U.S. adults. They tested for the presence of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and psoriasis. They found that 40 percent of psoriasis sufferers also had full-blown metabolic syndrome.

"These findings show a doubling in the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome among patients with psoriasis," the authors wrote in their report on the connection between type 2 diabetes and psoriasis, which was published in the journal Dermatology. "Given its associated serious complications, this comorbidity needs to be recognized and taken into account when treating individuals with psoriasis."

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