Misconceptions about diabetes abound

More than 23 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. What's even more startling is that almost 6 million of these individuals don't know that they have the condition.

With the lack of understanding surrounding this rapidly growing disease, separating fact from fiction is incredibly important. This is particularly true for individuals who are unsure whether or not they have the condition.

Riva Greenberg, a diabetes advocate recently wrote in the Huffington Post that there are many myths about diabetes, and that this misinformation can make it harder for individuals to follow appropriate testing and treatment procedures.

The most harmful of these myths affect people who are at the edge of developing type 2 diabetes. She wrote that many individuals who have been told that they are borderline don't feel that they that they have to watch what they eat or exercise more because they have yet to be told that they have full-blown diabetes.

This can have disastrous consequences. Individuals who have been diagnosed with insulin-resistance or pre-diabetes are significantly more likely to develop the full condition, particularly if they don't make changes to their lifestyles.
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