Pharmacists may be able to help type 2 diabetics achieve better control over their condition

Type 2 diabetes can be a difficult disease to control. Between all the medications and testing, it can sometimes be easy for patients to let aspects of their health slip. However, a recent study from the University of Alberta found that patients who visited doctor's offices that had on-site pharmacies were able to significantly improve control of their symptoms.

Researchers said in their report, which was published in the journal Diabetes Care, that the conception of pharmacists as nothing more than dispensers of medication is not valid. They may be able to offer vital information that could help improve patients' health.

After tracking the medical records of 153 type 2 diabetes patients who had poorly controlled blood pressure, the investigation team found that the individuals who began seeing a doctor with an on-site pharmacist significantly improved their blood pressure and lowered their risk for cardiovascular disease.

"Pharmacists can play a more active role in primary care and community clinics," said Scot Simpson, who led the study. "The doctors, nurses and pharmacists can directly discuss issues specific to any one patient, and by doing so, have the best outcome for the patient."

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