Educational programs help older minorities manage their type 2 diabetes

Low-income, minority and aging communities have been hit particularly hard by type 2 diabetes in recent years. Individuals in these groups are significantly more likely to develop the condition than the general population.

However, many of these diabetics are finding ways to educate themselves on management of their condition. A group of 100 older Latino and African Americans from New York City recently celebrated their graduation from a Diabetes Wellness Workshop.

The classes, which are conducted by the nonprofit healthcare provider IPRO, teach members of the communities about how they can plan to care for themselves without relying on healthcare providers.

"Diabetes Wellness Workshops empower people with diabetes to take charge of their disease," said Janice Hidalgo-Melendez, a project manager with the program. "With the support of our partners, we are using evidence-based approaches to help reduce disparities and improve the health of New Yorkers, one patient at a time."

The number of individuals with type 2 diabetes has increased 13 percent in New York City since 2002. Nearly 60 percent of the city's diabetics are either Latino or African American.
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