Controlling diabetes may help reduce the cost of care

One thing that often gets lost in the discussion of type 2 diabetes is the cost associated with treating it. The American Diabetes association estimates the total cost associated with the condition was $174 billion in 2007. This can result in substantial out of pocket expenses, even for individuals who have insurance.

Many people with the condition cannot afford to pay for the care it demands. This causes a great number of diabetics to avoid medicine and procedures that could significantly improve their life.

However, there are ways that diabetics can reduce the cost of treating their condition. Dr. Marvin Lipman, chief medical advisor for Consumer Reports Health, told The New York Times that controlling diabetes is the best way to reduce the costs associated with the disease.

He said that maintaining healthy blood sugar levels through diet may significantly reduce the number of times that diabetics need to test themselves, thereby saving on supplies.

"If you can get your testing down to once a day or even three times a week, you can save money that way," he told the news source.
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