Insulin resistance may contribute to cognitive decline

Diabetes and its symptoms may have many negative consequences. In fact, recent findings from University of Texas researchers indicate that insulin resistance may interfere with cognitive function.

The team of investigators analyzed the brain activity of study participants as they tried to complete challenging cognitive task. The study included participants who were overweight, obese and normal-weight. All of the overweight and obese individuals experienced insulin resistance.

The findings showed that, while all groups performed equally well on the task, overweight and obese individuals had less activity in a certain region of the brain. Researchers said that this may put stress on the brain that could lead to cognitive decline later in life.

"We found that while behavioral performance of obese middle-aged individuals may be the same - they can complete the same cognitive tasks as normal weight individuals - their brain is already doing something different to produce that outcome," said Andreana Haley, who led the study.

However, Haley said that insulin resistance can be reversed relatively easily through improved diet and exercise.
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