New online resource assesses an individual's risk for type 2 diabetes

A team of researchers from the University of Leicester in the UK has developed an easy assessment of type 2 diabetes risk that is available to people online.

Lead researcher Melanie Davies and her colleagues partnered with Diabetes UK to develop the resource, which can be used in a multi-ethnic population.

The Diabetes Risk Score asks seven questions to determine an individual's risk of developing the disease. The quiz asks for information such as age, ethnicity, sex, waist size, body mass index, family history and high blood pressure.

However, the researchers emphasize that the answers to these questions only determine a person's risk for developing diabetes. The resource does not seek to diagnose the condition, which can only be done by a doctor.

"The impact of diabetes on individuals and their families can be profound," Davies said. "The costs are also significant. [We hope that] the Diabetes Risk Score will enable people to quickly and easily find out what their chance of having [the disease] is and take action accordingly. The earlier diabetes is diagnosed, the earlier effective treatment can start."
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