Type 1 diabetes advocates seek name change

Fearing the negative associations that may be attached to type 2 diabetes, some of those with type 1 diabetes are pushing for a change in classification so that their disease can be viewed as distinct and unique.

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that type 1 diabetes be renamed by the medical community so that there is no confusion between the two diseases, according to the Chicago Tribune. The reason behind this push is that some feel that most of the public hear the word "diabetes" and automatically assumes that the condition was brought on by poor lifestyle choices.

However, type 1 diabetes is very different in that regard. No amount of lifestyle improvements will make it go away or improve their state. It is caused by a lack of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Even if the individual has any beta cells, they do not produce enough insulin to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

Most experts don't believe that the renaming push has much chance of success, but some say that making sure people understand the distinction between the two conditions can play an important role in fundraising and generating support.

"When the two types are lumped together, it's hard for organizations committed to finding a cure to type 1 to really get funded," diabetes researcher Riva Greenberg, told the news source. "If policymakers don't understand the difference between the two - they are thinking people need to move more and eat less - it's going to be hard to help cure type 1."

While no one blames individuals with type 2 diabetes for their condition, understanding the differences between the two conditions can play an important role in helping to find treatments and cures.
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