Stem cell therapy may help diabetics avoid loss of feet due to complications

One of the greatest fears of many individuals with type 1 or type 2 diabetes is the potential loss of feet or legs due to complications from the disease. However, a new study has shown that stem cell therapy may be able to prevent the need for diabetes-related amputations.

A team of researchers from the biotechnology pharmaceutical company RNL Bio Company recently reported at the annual meeting of International Cellular Medicine Company that they were able to cure gangrene in the foot of a South Korean man who had diabetes for 17 years using stem cell therapy.

Dr. Jeong Chan Ra, who led the treatment, said that the treatment was able to reduce ulcers on the foot of the patient Sun Rae Cho and restored feeling to his lower extremities.

"In cases like Cho's condition, patients can gain hope through stem cell therapy rather than facing the worst case scenario of having to get one's leg amputated,” said Dr. Ra. “There is continuous hope until the day comes where stem cell therapy will be available to anyone worldwide."

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