Harvard researchers look to the wisdom of crowds to solve diabetes problem

After decades of research and trials, scientists have been unable to cure type 1 diabetes. While advancements have been made in testing and treatment strategies, the ultimate answer to the question has remained elusive to researchers.

As part of a new approach to the problem, investigators from the Harvard School of Public Health recently put out a request to the public asking for suggestions for where they should direct their future research, according to the Boston Globe.

"The hope, obviously, was not to have the same old people do the same old work but to get new thinkers and people who had some other kind of expertise to bring to bear to this [issue]," Eva Guinan, one of the leaders of the challenge, told the news source.

While many of the entries dealt with improving blood sugar testing procedures, one of the top suggestions asked researchers to examine what causes the immune system to turn on itself in individuals with type 1 diabetes.

Many corporations, including L'Oreal, Ducati Motors and Getty Images, have reported successes using crowd sourcing to generate new ideas, according to Businessweek.
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