New type of radiation therapy delivers faster treatment

Recent studies have shown that TomoTherapy - a system used to treat common and rare tumors throughout the body - may be more effective than other types of radiation.

Researchers from San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy compared TomoTherapy to other radiation therapies in order to explore the capacity of these methods to improve target coverage without sacrificing organs. Researchers reported that TomoTherapy was able to produce the most homogeneous dose when compared to other treatments.

Two studies on head, neck and thyroid tumors compared arc treatment to helical TomoTherapy radiation. Researchers in Belgium and the Netherlands concluded that in the treatment of these cancers, helical TomoTherapy treatment times are less than other techniques. The process was fastest of all others examined, at 6.6 minutes, compared to 7.5 minutes for Smart Arc and longer times for other intensity-modulated radiation therapy techniques.

According to the National Cancer Institute, there are 19,500 thyroid cancer diagnoses in the U.S. annually.

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