Osteoporosis News and Research

Scientists find genetic origin of rare osteoporosis-causing disorder
03/08/2011 - Individuals who have Hajdu-Cheney syndrome, which is a rare, inherited disorder, are virtually guaranteed to develop severe osteoporosis. Now, an international team of geneticists and bone health experts reports having found the genetic sequence that causes the condition.
Overweight teens may experience precursor to osteoporosis
03/07/2011 - Excess body weight can increase the risk of a number of health issues, including osteoporosis. A team of pediatricians from the Medical College of Georgia recently reported that bone loss, which is a risk factor for osteoporosis, can start as early as adolescence among overweight teens with health risk factors.
Antioxidant found in tomatoes may reduce risk of osteoporosis
03/04/2011 - Researchers from the National Center for Food Safety and Technology and the Illinois Institute of Technology have affirmed that tomatoes are the richest natural source of lycopene, an antioxidant thought to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and certain cancers.
Strontium-based medication may reduce osteoporosis-related fractures
03/03/2011 - Among individuals with osteoporosis, the risk of fracture is often dramatic. Now, a medical literature analysis has determined that medication based on an alkaline earth metal may be able to decrease the risk of broken bones among women with osteoporosis.
Study: Osteoporosis is more common among patients with HIV and hepatitis C
03/02/2011 - Previous studies have already established that individuals with HIV are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Now, the latest research has found a corollary to this effect. According to a new investigation, HIV-positive patients who have hepatitis C have even higher rates of osteoporosis than those without the liver disease.
Expert recommends triad of practices for preventing osteoporosis
03/01/2011 - An editorial in the Humble Tribune has addressed the basics of prevention. Physician Charles Campbell, the article's author, wrote that there are three relatively easy habits that maturing Americans can practice in order to reduce their risk of osteoporosis.
Researchers say monoclonal antibody therapy for osteoporosis is cost-effective
02/24/2011 - An international team of economists and information scientists has determined that the long-term use of a recently approved osteoporosis medication, denosumab, is cost-effective when compared to other oral osteoporosis drugs.
Besides treating angina, nitroglycerin ointment may reverse osteoporosis
02/23/2011 - When nitroglycerin was first synthesized in 1847, its inventor, Ascanio Sobrero, was so frightened by its destructive volatility that he kept it secret for a whole year - but today, the compound has a number of constructive medical uses, the latest of which is treating osteoporosis.
Gwyneth Paltrow has precursor to osteoporosis
02/22/2011 - Recently, actress and philanthropist Gwyneth Paltrow announced online that she has osteopenia, a condition that healthcare professionals consider a precursor to osteoporosis.
Minerals pulled from crustacean shells may improve calcium uptake, battle osteoporosis
02/21/2011 - Getting the proper daily dose of calcium is essential for promoting bone health and preventing osteoporosis, according to multiple health authorities. Since not all calcium supplements are created equal, this can be difficult to do. However, a new study has indicated that the fight against osteoporosis may be turning to a new source of calcium - crustacean shells.
Expert points to connection between celiac disease and osteoporosis
02/18/2011 - A dental hygienist from Colorado recently wrote an article stressing the need for dietary assessments among individuals with celiac disease, since the condition can contribute to the onset of osteoporosis.
With osteoporosis, forearm fractures occur earlier, scientists say
02/17/2011 - A group of healthcare experts from the University of Bergen, Norway, have announced that the presence of osteoporosis increases the likelihood that a mature person will suffer a particular type of wrist fracture.
Human protein may improve bone growth when injected
02/16/2011 - An international team of researchers has announced what they believe to be a breakthrough in osteoporosis treatment. Using a naturally occurring protein, scientists say they were able to stimulate bone growth in menopausal laboratory animals.
Common osteoporosis medication may entail uncommon side effect
02/15/2011 - Researchers from various dental schools across the U.S. recently collaborated on a study that assesses the extent to which bisphosphonates, a common treatment for osteoporosis, are associated with osteonecrosis of the jaw.
Anorexia increases risk of premenopausal osteoporosis, study finds
02/14/2011 - A study recently conducted by an associate professor at Case Western Reserve University reiterated that an important but largely overlooked complication of eating disorders is early-onset osteoporosis.
Heart disease may increase risk of fractures in women with osteoporosis
02/11/2011 - A group of bone and heart health experts from Australia recently released a report citing cardiovascular disease as a factor that increases the risk of osteoporosis.
Children at risk for type 2 diabetes may be more likely to develop osteoporosis
02/11/2011 - Children who develop risk factors for type 2 diabetes before hitting puberty may also be more likely to have weak bones in adulthood, according to a new study from Medical College of Georgia researchers.
Osteoporosis medication designed to improve bone strength may be associated with femur fractures
02/10/2011 - Recent research has linked uncommon femur fractures to a prescription drug commonly used to treat osteoporosis.
Study quantifies insurance costs of adults who do not stick to their osteoporosis treatments
02/09/2011 - Osteoporosis treatments can be wide ranging and include hormone replacement, prescription medications and physical therapy. However, many health experts - supported by new statistical findings - warn that going off these treatments can entail serious costs.
Bacteria-derived compound may stimulate bone growth in osteoporotic patients, scientists say
02/08/2011 - A strain of bacteria that live on coral reefs off the coast of Key Largo, Florida, may contribute to the development of medications that will encourage bone growth and inhibit osteoporosis, researchers have announced.
Osteoporosis is largely avoidable, experts say
02/07/2011 - More than 4 million women are diagnosed with osteoporosis every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the condition is very common, experts say that it doesn’t have to be, and that knowing the risk factors for the disease may help many women avoid low bone density and painful broken bones.
Study: Medication used to treat breast cancer may hasten onset of osteoporosis
02/04/2011 - A team of American oncologists and bone health experts has found that a drug commonly prescribed for women may speed up bone loss and the onset of osteoporosis.
Prescription osteoporosis treatment adds five years to life expectancy, researchers say
02/03/2011 - A study conducted in New South Wales, Australia, has determined that a prescription osteoporosis treatment not only reduces bone loss but appears to lengthen lifespan.
Many men with osteoporosis risk factors do not meet minimum requirements for screening
02/02/2011 - A new case study conducted at the University of Kansas has determined that many men who present the risk factors of osteoporosis do not meet the Medicare guidelines for bone-mass density screening.
Study determines which fractures are caused most often by osteoporosis
02/01/2011 - Although healthcare experts often cite long arm and leg bone fractures as those most likely to be caused by osteoporosis, new research has indicated that this may not be the case.

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