International research partnership may speed the development of new diabetes drugs

While the prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes have increased dramatically over the last two decades, the pace of research aimed at solving these public health crises has been relatively slow. In an effort to address this situation, an international group of researchers recently announced an agreement to share resources to begin working towards a cure.

Florida Hospital, Sanford-Burnham Medical Center and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company said that the scientists will begin collaborating on finding a pharmacological cure for obesity and diabetes.

The team will begin by looking at metabolic signatures in genes that may indicate a predisposition to obesity, as well as serve as a potential target for medications.

Officials said that each organization brings a different specialty to the table, which could speed up the pace of development of new medications.

“This research partnership is a collaborative model that capitalizes on the synergistic expertise of each group,” said Daniel P. Kelly, scientific director of Sanford-Burnham. “It offers much promise for expediting new drug candidates into the development pipeline.”
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