Study shows connection between thyroid dysfunction and hip fractures in older men

New research from University of California Davis Health System finds that older men with thyroid dysfunction have an increased risk of suffering hip fractures. Health Canal reports that this study suggests that screening and treatment for thyroid dysfunction could reduce the incidence of this injury.

The study - which is published in the November issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine - is the first to evaluate the link between thyroid function and hip fractures.

Researchers used data from more than 3,500 participants in the nationwide Cardiovascular Health Study, which included blood tests for thyroid function.

Hip fracture incidence among participants with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism was compared to fracture incidence for those with healthy thyroids. While no significant links between fractures and thyroid disease were noted for women, men with hypothyroidism had a 2.3 times higher risk of fracture than men with normal thyroids. Men with hyperthyroidism had a 3.2 times greater risk.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, one in three women and one in five men over 50 will experience bone fractures. 
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