American Diabetes Association recommends new standard of care for gestational diabetes

As the number of women diagnosed with gestational diabetes continues to rise, the American Diabetes Association is recommending changes to standards of care that would increase the number of women who are tested for the condition.

The proposed changes call for the testing of all women not previously known to have diabetes at any point between their 24th and 28th week of pregnancy. Women with fasting glucose levels above 92 mg/dl would be considered to have gestational diabetes. The recommendations will be published in the January issue of Diabetes Care.

A recent study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology found that far too few women are tested for gestational diabetes. Despite current recommendations from the American Diabetes Association that all pregnant women should be tested at some point, the researchers found that more than one third are never screened.

The revised recommendations from the group could help reverse this trend. "We support a world-wide, uniform definition of gestational diabetes, and this is the best way to get there," said Dr. Carol Wysham, who helped develop the new guidelines.

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