Endocrinology News and Research Articles

The Specialist: Thyroid Disorders and Heart Health
09/19/2021 - For Sarah Akhunji, MD, getting diagnosed with a thyroid condition led to an enhanced focus on heart health and wellness ... plus it helped her become a more empathic doctor.
The Problem with BMI
05/07/2021 -
What You Should Know About At-Home Thyroid Test Kits
03/30/2021 - At-home thyroid test kits are reliable and accurate, as long as you talk to your doctor about the results when considering treatments.
Suspect a Thyroid Issue? Self-Advocacy Is Key
12/14/2020 - Why self-advocacy is important for patients who suspect they may have an undiagnosed thyroid disorder
What Missteps During the Spanish Flu Pandemic Can Teach Us About Celebrating Christmas Safely During COVID-19
12/14/2020 - Stay home this holiday season and save the big family reunion for after the Coronavirus vaccine next year
How to Get a Flu Shot Now
11/03/2020 - Where and when to get the flu vaccine
Thyroid Hair Loss Help
11/03/2020 - How to stop hair loss due to thyroid conditions
Metformin Recall: Everything You Need to Know
11/03/2020 - FDA Metformin Recall: Information about the recall: FDA Metformin Recall Drug Search List:
Everything You Need to Know About the NP Thyroid Medication Recall
10/05/2020 - The new NP Thyroid medication recall is the second recall of the thyroid medication by Acella this year
Are Silk Face Masks the New N95?
10/03/2020 - Why silk masks are the second-most protective face mask against COVID-19 after the N95