Endocrinology News and Research Articles

Why Won't BMI Die?
10/20/2020 -
Everything You Need to Know About the NP Thyroid Medication Recall
10/05/2020 - The new NP Thyroid medication recall is the second recall of the thyroid medication by Acella this year
Are Silk Face Masks the New N95?
10/03/2020 - Why silk masks are the second-most protective face mask against COVID-19 after the N95
CBD for Diabetes?
08/07/2020 - CBD helps to quell inflammation, making it a new holistic option for diabetics to add to their health regimens.
How Trauma Impacts Your Physical Health
08/07/2020 - Trauma and emotional distress can change us on a physiological level. If we are pushed too far, we may lose our ability to cope — and our bodies pay the price. Fortunately, you can mitigate your trauma response and enjoy better health.
It's Not Unhealthy Behavior. It's Systemic Racism.
07/10/2020 - Even when we account for other factors that people tend to use to blame people of color for their poor health outcomes, such as lifestyle factors, socio-economic status, and other health issues such as diabetes and obesity, the discrepancy in COVID-19 cases and deaths still exists based on race alone.
High Levels of Testosterone Affect Women and Men Differently
02/24/2020 - A study looking at the way genetic variations respond to testosterone offer new insights into the differences in the way hormone-driven diseases develop in men and women.
Antibiotic Use and Obesity—Is There a Link?
02/20/2020 - New evidence suggests the possibility that repeated exposure to antibiotics may lead to obesity, especially during pregnancy and in infancy.
Thyroid Cancer: How Age Affects Risk of Recurrence
02/10/2020 - Most thyroid cancer is easily treated but people who are diagnosed after age 55 are more likely to face recurrent cancer than those diagnosed at a younger age.
Thyroid Cancer—Hearing the Diagnosis, Preparing for Surgery and Recovery
02/03/2020 - Learn how to prepare for and recover from thyroid cancer surgery from patients who share the questions you should ask based on their experiences.
Patients with Hypoparathyroidism Warned of Extended NATPARA Recall
01/24/2020 - Natpara, a parathyroid hormone injection, is the only effective treatment for hypoparathyroidism but will remain unavailable for another year or so while the company works to meet FDA production concerns.
Radioiodine Therapy for Hyperthyroidism Presents No Longterm Cancer Risk
01/08/2020 - Hyperthyroidism requires treatment to avoid serious complications. Researchers examined the link between the most common approach using Radioactive iodine therapy and increased risk of cancer.
Weight Gain After Hyperthyroidism Treatment is Common: What to Know
12/12/2019 - Weight loss occurs before hyperthyroidism is treated but antithyroid drugs or RAI often prompt weight gain if the patient is not aware of this common side effect.
Web-based Tool to Help Assess Diabetes Outcomes With and Without Surgery
12/02/2019 - New Online Assessment Helps Individuals with type 2 diabetes and obesity to Assess the Pros and Cons of having Gastric bypass Surgery to reduce risk of Diabetes Complications like heart disease and kidney faillure.
High Normal TSH in Type 2 Diabetes May Mean Lower Risk of Stroke
11/18/2019 - Results of a recent study suggest that anyone with type 2 diabetes who has a TSH level in the upper normal range may be a reduced risk for stroke, an advantage given the increased overall risk for heart disease.
You Could Have Diabetes While at a Healthy Weight: Here’s How
10/28/2019 - If you belong to a racial minority, your risk of developing diabetes despite being at a healthy weight will increase as you age, according to data presented by Kaiser Permanente.