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Fertility Treatments for Turner Syndrome

Options for Motherhood When You Have TS

Infertility is a one of the most troubling aspects of Turner syndrome (TS). Women with TS have trouble having conceiving naturally because they are susceptible to early ovarian insufficiency. The ovaries produce estrogen, a hormone that promotes the healthy development of female sex characteristics during puberty and ensures fertility.

Even with years of estrogen replacement therapy, it's rare for a woman with Turner syndrome to naturally conceive a child. This is because most women with TS have accelerated loss of eggs contained in the ovary. Fortunately, there are many options available to help a woman with TS start a family.

Adoption is one of the most popular options for women with Turner syndrome. But if you want to try for a biological child, you will likely need to explore fertility treatment.

The fertility options available for women with Turner syndrome are the same as those for women who also have reproductive issues but don't have TS. These include:

  • unfertilized egg donations: Inserting an unfertilized egg from another woman into the fallopian tube
  • in vitro fertilization: Placing a fertilized egg into the uterus

Infertility can be a distressing part of Turner syndrome. Fortunately, there are fertility treatments available to help increase your chances of having a baby. However, pregnancy can be especially risky for some patients with TS, such as those who have heart conditions. You will need to work closely with your doctor to make sure your health won't be affected by pregnancy. It is also important that you have had a full heart evaluation before considering pregnancy when you have Turner syndrome.