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Hospital's chief of surgery documents her recovery from thyroid cancer
Fox News medical contributor Cynara Coomer has reported being on the road to recovery after undergoing a surgical treatment for thyroid cancer.
Jaw prosthesis gives Roger Ebert new chin after thyroid cancer surgery
While discussing his recovery options with a professor at University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC), movie critic and former screenwriter Roger Ebert recently discovered that prostheses could give him the chin and jawline that thyroid cancer surgery largely removed.
Massachusetts Congressman receives treatment for papillary thyroid cancer
Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern is currently recovering from surgery to remove his thyroid gland. The government official was recently diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, according to the Boston Herald.
Study: Thyroid cancer patients with lymphocytic infiltration have less recurrences
According to the results of a study reported at the 14th International Thyroid Congress, patients with thyroid cancer who show lymphocytic infiltration - a benign cluster of lymph cells - are more likely to have a favorable outcome.
Thyroid cancer patients are increasingly using alternative therapies
In a report presented during the recent International Thyroid Congress, researchers from Boston University (BU) Medical Center found that more than 80 percent of patients with thyroid cancer report using some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapy. However, for 18 percent of those individuals, their CAM use was neither known nor prescribed by their physician, and their physician did not ask them about it, Endocrine Today reports.
Film critic Roger Ebert survives thyroid cancer and publishes cookbook
Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Roger Ebert was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002. However, today he is feeling well and releasing a cookbook.
Certain thyroid cancers have higher incidence of nodal metastases
A recent study published in Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery suggests that malignant central nodal metastases - cancer that spreads to lymph nodes - are more likely to occur in patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma than those with follicular variant papillary thyroid carcinoma.
Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy for Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Managing Hormone Changes after Surgery
If you have a total thyroidectomy for papillary thyroid cancer (also known as papillary thyroid carcinoma), you will become hypothyroid and will need to take thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Learn about this treatment in this article.
Papillary Thyroid Cancer Prevention
Researchers haven't determined what causes papillary thyroid cancer (also known as papillary thyroid carcinoma), so it can't fully be prevented. But there are some ways to reduce your risk of developing it. Learn more in this article.
Surgery for Papillary Thyroid Cancer
What You Need to Know about a Thyroidectomy
The first line of treatment for papillary thyroid cancer, also known as papillary thyroid carcinoma, is to eliminate the cancer cells by surgically removing the thyroid. This procedure is known as a thyroidectomy. Learn more about it in this article.
Radioactive Iodine for Papillary Thyroid Cancer
A Safe and Effective Second Line of Treatment
If you have large tumors, or if your papillary thyroid cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of your body, then you will need radioactive iodine treatment after thyroid surgery. Read this article to learn more about this therapy.
Papillary Thyroid Cancer Facts and Tips
Article includes facts and tips about papillary thyroid cancer, which is the most common type of thyroid cancer. Read interesting facts about papillary thyroid carcinoma, and get quick information about its symptoms, causes, and treatments.
Papillary Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Is the Most Common Test
There are many tests your doctor may use to diagnose papillary thyroid cancer (also known as papillary thyroid carcinoma). Article explains common tests, including fine needle aspiration biopsy, ultrasound, and blood tests.
Papillary Thyroid Cancer Complications
Can Your Thyroid Cancer Return?
Even if you receive treatment for your papillary thyroid cancer (also known as papillary thyroid carcinoma), the cancer may return. Fortunately, this complication is treatable. Read more about recurrent papillary thyroid cancer in this article.
Papillary Thyroid Cancer Risk Factors
What Increases Your Chances of Developing this Disease?
The exact causes of papillary thyroid cancer are unknown. However, there are risk factors that may raise your risk of developing the disease.

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