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Exposure to chemicals in hand sanitizer could lead to hypothyroidism
A recent lawsuit by an environmental nonprofit accuses the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of allowing certain chemicals in household products that may put Americans at risk for hypothyroidism. Fox News reports that the agency claimed toxic chemicals found in antimicrobial soap and other personal care products could damage reproductive organs, sperm quality and the production of sex and thyroid hormones. The National Resources Defense Council alleges that these claims are true.
Thyroid disorder may cause lazy eyes
People who suffer from thyroid disorders may experience both internal and external symptoms. For example, strabismus is a disorder in which the eyes do not line up in the same direction when focusing. This condition, also known as lazy eye, may be a result of hyperthyroidism.
Study analyzes pros and cons of iodine supplementation during pregnancy
Thyroid conditions, such as hypothyroidism, are a common complication of pregnancy, which has prompted scientific teams around the world to study iodine supplementation as a possible way to mitigate such risks.
What is Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy?
Treating Hypothyroidism
There is really only one option for treating hypothyroidism, and that is thyroid hormone replacement therapy. T4 supplements are the standard form of treatment, but there are other forms available. Article describes importance of therapy.
Risk Factors of Hypothyroidism
Could you be at risk of becoming hypothyroid?
Age and sex are the two biggest hypothyroid risk factors. However, medical history also plays a part. This article outlines the top risk factors for hypothyroidism, and will help your doctor determine if regular hypothyroid testing is right for you.
Complications of Hypothyroidism
What May Happen If the Disorder Is Untreated
If you have hypothyroidism and don’t seek proper treatment, you risk experiencing a variety of complications. This article describes some of the common problems associated with untreated hypothyroidism.
Synthetic T4 Supplements for Hypothyroidism
The Standard in Hypothyroid Treatment
Synthetic forms of T4 hormone are generally called levothyroxine, and they are considered the standard treatment for hypothyroidism. Finding the right dosage is vital to the success of your therapy. Article explains synthetic T4 supplements.
Preventing Hypothyroidism
Can You Prevent this Thyroid Disorder?
Unless you live in a country where iodine isn’t commonly found in food, there is really no known way to prevent hypothyroidism. You can, however, prevent the disorder from developing serious complications.
Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
Recognizing the Most Common Thyroid Disorder
Symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, and hair loss. You don’t have to experience every common symptom to have hypothyroidism, though. Every patient’s set of symptoms is unique.
Causes of Hypothyroidism
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause
The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. But this isn’t the sole cause of hypothyroidism. This article gives an explanation of each of the possible causes of hypothyroidism.
Hypothyroidism Diagnosis
Tests that Detect Thyroid Dysfunction
There are a variety of tests that diagnose hypothyroidism. TSH screenings are the first line of testing, but they are not the sole factor in diagnosing the disorder. T4 testing may also be necessary to determining if you are hypothyroid.
Hypothyroidism Glossary
Terms to know about the most common thyroid disorder
This article includes important terms and definitions associated with hypothyroidism to help you better understand the disorder.
Hypothyroidism FAQ
Answers to your most common questions
Get quick answers to the most common questions about hypothyroidism. Includes links to in-depth articles so that you can get more information.
Hypothyroidism Facts & Tips
Quick list of facts and tips about hypothyroidism. Fast resource for you as you learn about and live with the disorder.
Hypothyroidism: Overview, Causes, and Symptoms
Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, is when the thyroid slows production of hormones needed for metabolism and energy. Learn about symptoms and causes of hypothyroidism.

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