4 Lifestyle Tips for Hypothyroidism

What Can You Do to Live Well with Hypothyroidism?

Leading an overall healthy lifestyle—one that includes eating well and exercising—can help you manage hypothyroidism. But what else can you do to live well with hypothyroidism? This slideshow walks you through 4 lifestyle tips for hypothyroidism.

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Lifestyle Tip #2: Exercise Regularly, and Mix It Up

Lifestyle Tip #2: Exercise Regularly, and Mix It Up

Walking, Weight Lifting, and Yoga

You already know how good exercise is for you, but are you doing enough of it? If you are, are you mixing it up enough? Exercise can boost energy, decrease stress, and help you maintain a healthy weight (all important benefits, especially if you have hypothyroidism).

Work in the 3 types of exercises: aerobic (aka cardio), strengthening, and flexibility. Exercises to try: Walking, light weight lifting, and yoga. Talk to your doctor before trying a new exercise program.