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Reagrding Diabeties

From: amarjeetcwa - 9 years 19 weeks ago

Hi Myself AMAR age just 26 , today i checked my sugar level its 290 before fasting and after fasting its 405 and HbA1C is 15.8%. Kindly help doctor advise insulin is this the only method to cure from Diabetes. ALso its its type 1 or 2 because i loose 8 kg in two month. plz help me

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Hi Amar,

Insulin is only a treatment for diabetes. A cure has not been found, but using insulin along with a reasonable diet and regular exercise will allow you to live a regular life. You need to find out right away whether you have type 1 or 2! You need to get on insulin right away because there a lot of dangerous things that can happen when your blood sugar is as high as you say it is. You need to see a diabetes specialist (endocrinologist) right away and you should start exercising every day and see of that brings your sugars down some. As soon as you start insulin be careful about exercising though because it can very easily bring your blood sugar down too much!!!!!