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Symptoms of diabetes?

From: LeonaWilde - 4 years 2 weeks ago


After a lot of visits to my dr. I have been diagnosed with IBS. This is because of bloating, stomach aches and change in stools. But I feel like it glosses over my nausea, especially after eating sugary or greasy foods. For example, I ate a slice of cake recently and I felt really nauseous for half an hour and then it disappeared. Is that IBS as well? I don't even touch candy or chocolate anymore. And after I ate a part of a really greasy pizza, I felt so sick and tired I had to lay down for an hour! I never had this when I was younger, but I always was (and am!) a slow eater.

I have had blood tests and they don't show diabetes, so why am I so sensitive to food all the sudden? How do you even 'get' IBS? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I don't understand. It seems like I have all the symptoms of diabetes but I don't actually have it.

Best wishes,

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Hello Leona,

The symptoms of diabetes are excellently identified on the web , which I take the opportunity to congratulate for the information they show us, however these symptoms can sometimes be confused by other aspects of our life; that is, for example, in demanding and continuous sports activities you can feel thirsty more than usual, be more exhausted or even lose some weight, just like when you start a diet you lose weight but I think that it is not necessarily diabetes or it is a Prediabetic person. The best ways to know if you have diabetes, when show the signals, is with blood test and verify the level of sugar, a high blood sugar is definitely an alarming signal, if you are in this situation of high blood sugar I recommend you check the information shown on the web , I follow it and for me it is a tool of life to reverse diabetes.


Is this good advice?

Hi Leona,

Your questions are not stupid at all. Many food sensitivities are a result of toxins or infection. This is actually the case with many chronic symptoms in general. It is essential to cleanse the gut and support it with anti-microbial herbs and supplements that will get rid of any infection and reduce inflammation, which is what will give you the IBS symptoms. If you have bloating and gas regularly, your bacteria balance is definitely off. This is referred to as gut dysbiosis, and is simple to correct with the right products and support. If you would like help eliminating your symptoms and starting the healing process for your gut, let me know! It is also difficult to digest excess fats and oils when the liver and gallbladder are congested, since bile is required to break down fats. You can reach out to me at or 302-307-2701. Best wishes.