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Type 2 Diabetes Support Community Discussions

high blood sugar

Started by algenon 7 years 36 weeks ago

Having trouble maintain normal blood sugars

Started by rahlletts2013 4 years 50 weeks ago

What do I do with a diabetic co-worker who is not careful

Started by katyakachuckles 7 years 13 weeks ago

Type 2 Diabetes - exercise

Started by James 8 years 42 weeks ago

Hypothyroid and Pre Diabetes

Started by elmas 5 years 37 weeks ago

Bad liver and Type 2 diabetes

Started by memo 6 years 6 weeks ago

New to diabetes control

Started by Lobo2626 6 years 4 weeks ago

thyroid cancer and diabetes

Started by tracey 7 years 42 weeks ago

Reagrding Diabeties

Started by amarjeetcwa 5 years 44 weeks ago

My body reacted to Lantus + Novo insulin

Started by clealcovey 6 years 50 weeks ago

Multiple problems can cause havoc on your body

Started by Scarlet03 5 years 35 weeks ago


Started by sscdelhi 6 years 4 days ago

Balancing BG along with Exercise

Started by mbonova 6 years 15 weeks ago

Natural Herbs for Diabetes

Started by uriman 6 years 48 weeks ago

Could my problem be hormone related?

Started by Alex_1974 7 years 10 weeks ago

thyroid replacement tx, and high cholesterol

Started by debbie1 8 years 18 weeks ago

how much insuline is too much?

Started by jsousa 6 years 50 weeks ago

Pregnant! Need advice

Started by jlonghurst 6 years 44 weeks ago

Dry Mouth

Started by DavidWright 6 years 50 weeks ago

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