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Posted in: Type 2 Diabetes.

Can this be a thyroid issue?

From: Nikhil - 5 years 31 weeks ago

HI All
I am New here and sorry about a really long post but I wanted to post my entire history.
I am 37 Year old male.
1. I had a heart attack and a single stent was placed. (October 2014)
2. Jan 2015 I started feeling fatigued and pinching pain all over my body?
3. March 2015 fatigue and pain reached a stage where I wasnt able to walk even 100 meters.
4. April my doc suggested me to stop rosuvastatin 5 mg and things dramatically improved. I still was not able to exersise but i was able to work and lead a normal life.
5. Whenever I tried to run or walk fast or in any way exserted myself the pain and fatigue came back and stayed for a day or 2.
6. I saw several doctors

Cardiologist : did several tests and everything is normal with heart ejection fraction 58%

Total Chlestrol : 148
Serum Triglycerides 131
HDL: 42
LDL 79
Ratio 3.5
Magnesium : 1.9
Homocysteine : 12
Serum ANA : 0.25 (Negative)
Serum TSH : 3.4
Serum Calcium: 8.7
Sodium : 137
Potassium: 4
Chloride : 99
Vitamin D : 20
creatinine : 1.08

Gasgtrologist: Normal endoscopy
Vitamin D: 19 ( started suppliments but havent helped)
Calcium: Normal
Magnesium: Normal
Electrolytes: Normal
TSH : 3.4

Current symptoms after walking even 200 meters
1. Severe pain on side of my stomach and back (seems like kidneys) but normal creatinine, CT scan and ultrasound
2. This pain then moves to large muscles (triceps, thighs, shins, etc) eventually small joints start hurting. Noticeably common pain points are loins/ flanks and ankles.
3.I can recover from this condition if i take complete bed rest for at least 24 hrs. But it comes back even if i do little activity.
4 have become very sensitive to cold
5.My hands and feet are often more cold
6. Itchy sensation in throat especially when lying flat
7.Loss of appetite

Neurologist says I have fibromyalgia, but pills which he has given for the same are not helping me at all. (Gbantin 100) At this rate I believe I will be a vegetable in few months. Can this be a thyroid issue? If yes what do I need to do?
I have reached a stage where i am not able to go to office and do my job.

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Is this good advice?

Despite what some doctors may tell you, your TSH is too high and you need FREE T3 and T4 levels checked. You have a lot of thyroid symptoms. Additionally your vitamin D is way too low and that could be causing you to not convert thyroid to usable form. There is a lot going on here that is being ignored apparently. If you could go to an integrative or functional medicine doctor that does holistic testing and treatments you could get relief by finding what is really going on. Pills/drugs are not the answer. On your own get some vitamin D3 and start taking that - at LEAST 2000 IU a day - you may need more. But there is more to it than just that. You have not been getting proper treatment!