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Posted in: Type 2 Diabetes.

dabetes support

From: judy212 - 12 years 4 weeks ago

I was just diagnosed on monday 8/31/09 and Im so scared, i'm 57 yo and i feel so lost and alone, i want to live please help me. i read the comments from sue1313, which helped me very much. i feel confused, i scared to tell me family since they associate diabetes with death and lost of a limb, which is what i am accustomed to seeing in my neighborhood. please give me tips on managing. Are there any support groups where i can cry my eyes out.

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hello, my name is rose. i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 1 and a half years far so good....I AM 60 YEARS sugars were 375 IN MAY 2008...with cholosterol at 280 and blood pressure at 170/ a1c levels were 12.2 .thats the bad news...the good news is my sugar levels are normal a1c test was 6.6..IN JULY 2009.....took me a year to get em down...cholesterol is 200....and bp is 128/75...lost about 30 pounds with good eating, and walking....good eating for me is just junk food...veggies, protein chicken, fish and beef, and high fiber breads, beans, AND GRAINS...OATMEAL I LOVE...and drinking water or calorie free ice teas..prefer green tea.....SO, DONT CRY!!!!...READ ALL YOU CAN ABOUT YOUR CONDITION...I DID....KNOWLEDGE IS THE BEST DEFENSE WITH THIS....AND A GOOD DOCTOR WHO KNOWS ABOUT THE DISEASE.....I FEEL THAT WE CONTROL 90 PERCENT OF OUR DESTINY WITH THIS..WE CAN WORK ON HELPING OURSELVES GET WELL, OR WE CAN CONTINUE DOWN OUR OLD DANGEROUS, NOT CARING ABOUT OURSELVES ROUTINE, AND END UP REALLY SICK...LOVE YOURSELF WELL..EAT GOOD FOODS...WALK.....PUT YOURSELF FIRST AND ALL ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE.....NOW WHAT TYPE DO YOU HAVE? WHAT WAS YOUR A1C? HOW OLD ARE YOU IF I MAY ASK...!...also..i take 500 mg of metformin 2 times a day..and thats all....cross fingers it stays that way.....WHAT ARE YOU ON? FEEL FREE TO GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST....AND VENT...LORD KNOWS I WAS SCARED TOO...HAHA SCARED STRAIT ACUTALLY.....TAKE CARE, ROSE

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Hi, Judy--
It's completely natural to be scared and confused when you know that you have to change certain lifestyle habits that you've had for more than half your life. Diabetes is a serious disease, but if you take care of yourself--eat well, exercise, keep a close watch on your blood sugar levels, and regularly visit your doctor--then you won't have to worry about the complications you mention.

There's a lot of great information on this site about diabetes. I think you'll find that the more you learn about diabetes, the less afraid of it you'll be. My best advice is to actively seek out information about your condition. Ask tons of questions to your doctor, but don't be afraid to do some research on your own.

Again, it's okay to feel alone. But know that there are many others in your shoes. Take care of yourself, and you will be just fine. Best of luck to you!