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168 Blood glucose--Dehydration--Glucose in Urine ??

From: paleryder444 - 6 years 3 weeks ago

I have Pre-diabetes. MY issue is--I beleive that it is no longer PRE. I had a blood glucose draw of 168 a few days ago. Never that high. Was not a fasting test--but I had NOT eaten either,. I did have liquids that day that contained sugars. Other factors--- recent continuing low blood pressure, dehydration for months, Glucose found in urine, Protein in urine on multiple tests, HA1C ALWAYS normal (was told that doesnt actually rule out diabetes). Fruttosamine levels taken for first time--normal. Glucose random blood stick pretty normal 110 . However-- there seem to be other issues--HIGHEST specific Gravity ever found in urine according to renal 10.40++ , I am drinking fluids...they just dont seem to be hydrating...he said--take salt with it--or gatorade. (Cardiologist isnt thrilled at all on "taking salt) So..with the symtoms nad test results I mention-- anyone have a clue? what else can I test? Have i ever been officially diagnosed with "diabetes" NO. Have I been on a PRE diabetes MED--NO (endocrine doc didnt want me n it--says te med is HARSH on the body and I am already on MANY meds)..Any other recent med issues? YES--- Stopped urinating in MARCH was in ER--they did NOT figure it out and didnt ADMIT (Negligence). PNEUMONICYTIS--104 fever this summer--had to be in hopsital 2 weeks and then another week. T CELLS eeredown to 111 (CD 4)..I do NOT have HIV..I beleive I had CD4 lymphocytopenia (a rare incurable Immuno deficiency)..however---My concern is..with the symtpoms and test results mentioned-- does anyone feel Diabetes (which type? )is also present? Urine test this week "neg glucose" but it has been pos on 2 occasions.

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