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Thyroiditis Support Community Discussions

Nothing is normal! HELP!

Started by bitterlion 2 years 21 weeks ago

Erfa Thyroid

Started by peggyoreilly 2 years 17 weeks ago

New here

Started by canadian_girl 2 years 19 weeks ago

Trying to figure out what my results mean

Started by mjenni27 2 years 30 weeks ago

very Coarse,dry, very slow growing hair, eyebrow thinning, fatigue

Started by saintsfan92344 3 years 11 weeks ago

Hashimoto's, pregnancy & prenatal vitamins

Started by Kateaugust8 2 years 31 weeks ago

Newly diagnosed w/hypothyroidism and seeking advise

Started by stacy8384 2 years 34 weeks ago

side effects of radioactive iodine for hyperthyroidism

Started by RJ 2 years 35 weeks ago

Is there a link between thyroiditis and hyperparathyroidism?

Started by joystoy99 2 years 51 weeks ago

In Need of Help. Thyroid?

Started by AGreene110 2 years 43 weeks ago

thyroiditis or not

Started by feliz 2 years 38 weeks ago

Allergic to ALL thyroid meds-anyone else?

Started by mskiba53 4 years 17 weeks ago

Is this a part of Hypothyroidism?

Started by sleep1 2 years 40 weeks ago

TSH level of 15!

Started by ralphjeanlopez1 2 years 48 weeks ago

Reoccuring Thyroiditis?

Started by jennkaotic 3 years 3 weeks ago

Isn't Kelp better and safer than using synthetic thyroid meds?

Started by JosyM 3 years 5 weeks ago

Synthroid causing me jitters. How can I get rid of jitters?

Started by JosyM 3 years 5 weeks ago

Broken Thyroid?

Started by BrokenThyroid 3 years 8 weeks ago

Not understanding FTI

Started by Renae 3 years 18 weeks ago

Hashimotos How long have i had it and not known

Started by Tiptoe 3 years 36 weeks ago

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