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Thyroiditis Support Community Discussions

Thyroid results - confused and at the end of my rope :(

Started by twinklebutt12 1 year 33 weeks ago

Just diagnosed TSH 273. FT4 .25 THYROID PEROXIDASE AB 580.

Started by AmandaQ 1 year 22 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and Stuck

Started by Lauren Is Silly 2 years 35 weeks ago

Rapid heartbeat and other panic symptoms

Started by nydame 2 years 18 weeks ago

Thyroid Imbalance, No Cure

Started by Nyle23 1 year 30 weeks ago

Cold Intolerance

Started by JoLynnPorter 1 year 32 weeks ago

10 year old daughter with TSH at 582

Started by K-Krew 1 year 34 weeks ago

Thyroid Supplements

Started by MargieAnn 1 year 40 weeks ago

High Free T4

Started by Zimzoomom 1 year 41 weeks ago

Feeling confused!

Started by kimmiepack 1 year 45 weeks ago

What type of Doctor?

Started by craigh6363 1 year 46 weeks ago


Started by mohamedamin700 1 year 46 weeks ago

Pressure on Throat

Started by edisky 2 years 16 weeks ago

Diagnosis Help Needed! Hypothyroid/Cushing's/PCOS

Started by AlexisHudson 4 years 34 weeks ago

Weight loss, need help!!!

Started by Manalapangirl64 1 year 49 weeks ago

What could be causing low TSH and normal T3 and T4

Started by oz1213 1 year 50 weeks ago

Hashimoto's and Bromine?

Started by kdnwieners 2 years 10 weeks ago

Don't know where to turn.

Started by Always tired 2 years 1 week ago

Hashimotos and Inheritability

Started by NotoriousTHY 2 years 11 weeks ago

New and Unsure

Started by LivingPower 2 years 12 weeks ago

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