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Posted in: Thyroiditis.

Acute thyrioditis

From: summitadhk - 2 years 35 weeks ago


My female friend aged 25 years visited a doctor with a complaint of hairfall. Undergoing a blood test as recommended by the doctor, we came accross the result that her;
TSH is <0.015
FT3 is 5.54
FT4 is 1.70
Anti TPO, serum is 285.57
She was than asked to undergo a Thyroid scan test, the result of which was;

Study reveals reduced tracer uptake in both lobe of thyroid gland
Background and salivary gland activity appears elevated.
Percentage uptake(%)
Rt 0.1 , Lt 0.1 , Total 0.1

Impression from the report was "scan and uptake findings are consistent with thyroiditis"

Can this result be explained in general terms to us?
How serious it is?
What is the treatment, or further diagnosis we have to undergo? As of now we have just been advised by our doctor to go for TFT and TSR test in next 1.5 months and visit with the report. The only medicine prescribed right now is Minil 20 mg.
How long will it take to cure?

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