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Just diagnosed with large nodule on thyroid left side

From: CindiWass - 2 years 17 weeks ago

I was told the large nodule is neither hot nor cold. How can that be? Yet the P.A. was telling me that her choice of action would be to have it removed, even if it's not cancerous. Why?
She also says if they find it IS cancerous after it is removed then she opts to remove the right side of my thyroid gland also. I am 74 years old, female and was complaining of being tired, so my primary care physician ordered blood work and the TSF came up very low, therefore I went to an endocrinologist. She gave me iodine test, I took a pill and had pictures taken after that. Determined I have a cold nodule on the right side. BUT -- today's ultrasound was confusing, because what came up was a very large nodule on the left side. At least 4 cm they said. Somehow the cold spot on the right side was no longer the question.
The PA was saying that FNA might not find cancer even though I could have cancer because it might not aspirate the cancerous parts, but I am VERY reluctant to have the left side of my thyroid gland removed. She says the nodule will not kill me. (I don't exactly know what she means by that.) So I intend to ask if it won't kill me, why have it removed? She says that if it is not cancerous, the other side of the thyroid can take over. But one of the questions I have is: can thyroid tumors be neither hot nor cold?

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