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Posted in: Thyroiditis.


From: rathi sunilkumar - 2 years 9 weeks ago

Hai I am Rathi SunilKumar. I have been diagnosed with thyroiditis in a USG conducted. The TSH test conducted shows T3- 126, T4-21.26 & TSH - 0.016. I am feeling tired intermittently and also get fever of 100.6 c on daily, however, after consuming the medicine the temperature reduces to normal. Before, consuming the medicine I don't feel hunger and after sometime from taking medicine, I have good appetite also. The ENT doctor I am consulting has prescribed " Neo Mercazole 5 mg once a day. I am taking it for the last 5 nights. However, still I get fever everyday and I also feel tiredness on everyday basis. Kindly advise, what I should do further to get rid of the disease and also whether the treatment I am undergoing is right one. Also should I consult an Endocrinologist or I should go for nuclear treatment.

Rathi Sunilkumar

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