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Posted in: Thyroiditis.

Reoccuring Thyroiditis?

From: jennkaotic - 2 years 33 weeks ago


I had an issue last year with Thyrioditis. It occured after I had a sever respiratory infection that I acuired in India (don't know that where I got it matters though). I was tested and it was determined to have Thyroiditis. I was bouncing off the walls for a few weeks and eventually felt better.

Here I am just about exactly 1 year later and I got another respiratory/sinus infection. Over the last three weeks I have been feeling increasingly jittery and have had extremely bad insomnia. I feel EXACTLY like I did last year. In talking to my doctor she thinks I have insomnia because I work from home. She doesn't think it's possible to have thyroiditis again.

I can't seem to find much on the internet about reoccurance of thyroiditis. Is this something that will reoccur every time I have a respiratory infection? I know there is nothing they can do to help with this but I would like to have a understanding of what I can expect in the future.

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