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Can someone help me understand my ultrasound results?

Started by Jcarter 6 years 35 weeks ago

Don't understand

Started by FurMummy 6 years 39 weeks ago

Ultrasound of thyroid?

Started by HypoGirl 6 years 42 weeks ago

Miserable , cant take much more PLEASE HELP

Started by gash0116 7 years 7 weeks ago

stumped my dr's, 7 months home sick, s/p thyroid surgery

Started by wonderpatient 7 years 11 weeks ago

Does removal of the Thyroid "Cure" Hashimotos??

Started by Overcomer1 7 years 10 weeks ago


Started by bills11 7 years 31 weeks ago

Hypo to Hyper

Started by lhe 7 years 35 weeks ago

Thyroid nodules require endocrinologist?

Started by Susanppt 7 years 35 weeks ago

Hashimoto's, nodule with Huerthle cells

Started by Stacybrowne 7 years 51 weeks ago

Hashimotos Thyroiditis

Started by shellryan12 8 years 4 weeks ago

Multiple growths, tumors, nodules

Started by angio1234 11 years 49 weeks ago

Having Radioactive iodine treatment in 2 months.

Started by doris182004 10 years 38 weeks ago

very tired and moody after thyriod surgery

Started by Andy.Pandy 8 years 24 weeks ago

thyroid problem

Started by mrs h 8 years 27 weeks ago

Overactive and Underactive nodules

Started by rsingleton 12 years 17 weeks ago

Nodule Growth

Started by ggmtscw 8 years 39 weeks ago

fine needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid

Started by dalia dan 8 years 40 weeks ago

Unusual ultrasound results, help.

Started by JoanneH 9 years 42 weeks ago