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Please help me. undiagnosed.

Started by xpixiesrevengex 10 years 37 weeks ago

Seek second opinion?

Started by Louise77 5 years 32 weeks ago


Started by Carolyn90 5 years 28 weeks ago

Follicular Neoplasm

Started by Concerned1 5 years 29 weeks ago

Long-term Hashimoto

Started by meg 5 years 38 weeks ago

Missed Levothyroxine for a month

Started by Meridden 5 years 37 weeks ago

total thyroidectomy 12/22- could use some support

Started by nezavi 9 years 19 weeks ago

Thyroid/Menopause/Post neck surgery...Which is it??!!

Started by Tigger72 5 years 41 weeks ago


Started by ihmsa40 5 years 41 weeks ago

Is there a link between thyroiditis and hyperparathyroidism?

Started by joystoy99 6 years 6 weeks ago

Is this a part of Hypothyroidism?

Started by sleep1 5 years 47 weeks ago

laser treatment to ablate toxic nodules?

Started by saturn05 11 years 40 weeks ago

Goiters and lymph nodes in men, Oh my!

Started by nickandcorrie 6 years 2 hours ago

is there a connection? Please help!

Started by Pancreatitisgirl 6 years 9 weeks ago

Isn't Kelp better and safer than using synthetic thyroid meds?

Started by JosyM 6 years 12 weeks ago

Synthroid causing me jitters. How can I get rid of jitters?

Started by JosyM 6 years 12 weeks ago

Exophytic thyroid nodule

Started by peace99 6 years 13 weeks ago

Broken Thyroid?

Started by BrokenThyroid 6 years 15 weeks ago

frustrated with my thyroid

Started by Sue217 6 years 24 weeks ago

Can someone help me understand my ultrasound results?

Started by Jcarter 6 years 15 weeks ago