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Posted in: Thyroid Nodules.

Are these normal side effects of a thyroid nodule?

From: Dfast - 1 year 19 weeks ago

Hello, I’m extremely new to this site so please bear with me if these sort of posts are frowned upon. I typed up basically my entire history of this thing, but it ended up being extremely long so I’ll give the short version. If more details might help, I’d be glad to give them.

I was diagnosed with a non-cancerous thyroid nodule. I’ve been experiencing some symptoms and I’m not sure which are caused by the nodule (if any) and which are either something else or just in my head.

My symptoms are: mild choking when I lay down or turn my head certain ways, a suddenly extremely sensitive gag reflex, some coughing when I talk a certain way. Speaking in the lower part of my vocal range sounds weak and reedy. When I sing in certain parts of my range, my voice makes tiny breaks uncontrollably, or breaks entirely and sounds like the honk of a dying goose.

I’m set to revisit my specialist in June. I just want to know a bit more if anyone else has experienced this because I’m honestly very concerned about coming off as... I don’t know? I’m a 25 year old woman and my doctor keeps asking if I have cosmetic concerns about it (since it’s slightly visible) so I feel like she thinks I’m trying to get it removed based on how it looks.

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