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Posted in: Thyroid Nodules.

Multinodular, slightly enlarged thyroid Q's

From: Trip - 9 years 32 weeks ago

I don't feel sick, just a little more tired than usual. Some mornings I have a cough, or feel a bit of pressure (not pain) under my left armpit. Lymph nodes there aren't enlarged. What I have had are an (non painful) enlarged right cervical lymph node, and left supraclavicular node for 4-5 months now. The cervical node has dimensions of approx 1.3 x 1.6 x 0.8 cm, and the supraclavicular node was measured at 4.5 x 1.5 x 0.8 cm.

When I mentioned feeling a bit tired, my GP asked if I'd ever had my thyroid function checked. Blood tests showed it to be very slightly underactive; I don't have the exact values, but she felt it wasn't a problem. She did send me to have the nodes ultrasounded, which is where the measurements above come from. At the ultrasound, I was told that I should come back for specific thyroid imaging, as it appeared multinodular. My GP sent me back, and the results showed multiple hypoechoic nodules with the largest being in the lower left lobe (2.6 cm), and lower right lobe (2 cm). The thyroid itself was "slightly enlarged". The GP is content to leave things as they are, and see me again in 6 months for another blood test.

My questions... Does this sound right? My mother was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in her early 40s and takes medication for it, but there's no history of multinodular goitre in the family. I'm 27, slightly overweight but am physically active at work at eat a balanced diet. What could be causing the goitre?

Thank you!

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